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Solid State Storage arrays are the storage solutions of the future and are here now. As server speeds continue to increase they are able to support more virtual servers. The performance of storage needs to keep up with the increase in server speeds.

Applications like Oracle, SQL, Exchange, Virtual Servers and Virtual Desktops are driving the need for Solid State Storage arrays.

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Solid State Storage

Why Solid State Storage?

It's all about Performance

Businesses have found that slow application responses cost them $$. In a traditional storage array, adding performance requires adding more spinning disk drives, which adds additional storage that is not needed.

In order for traditional storage manufacturers to add performance without adding capacity, they just introduce Solid State disk drives into their existing storage array architecture without adding any new innovations.

There is a new era of storage manufacturers architected to take advantage of new technology to increase application performance and reduce storage costs.

To discuss which storage array is the best fit for your business, contact us at 815-634-3197 or email us at sales@virtcompsys.com


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