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Storage is where the virtual machines and data reside. It is critical that your infrastructure meet the needs of the organization and take advantage of a virtual environment because you must have 'High-Availability' for your applications and 'business continuity'.

The amount of data you store will never decrease. Virtual Computing Systems, Inc. will provide a virtualization, storage and disaster recovery solution for your immediate needs, and guide you through a 5 year "flight plan" for your infrastructure.

Virtual Computing Systems, Inc. provides a variety of storage manufacturers, depending on business requirements and preferences.

Traditional Storage

Solid State Storage

Data Storage

Do you need performance or capacity ?

Every application has different needs as it pertains to storage. Some applications need just capacity and the disk drive speed is not a factor. These applications might only need NL_SAS disk drives.

Some applications such as databases or virtual desktops need high speed disk drives. So, high speed SAS disks or SSD disks might be the proper choice. We can help save you money through a combination of fibre channel, iSCSI or NFS connectivity.

Virtual Computing Systems, Inc. can help determine what solution fits best for your organization. For a discussion on your specific needs, contact us at 815-634-3197 or email us at sales@virtcompsys.com

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