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Spinning disk drives is where 99% of data resides today, and if designed properly provides the performance required by most applications. Disk drive technology costs continue to go down, while capacity continues to grow and will be around for many years to come.

For companies beginning to deploy a virtual server infrastructure, or looking to consolidate storage, Virtual Computing Systems, Inc. carries a scale up technology such as EMC and Fujitsu, and a scale out technology, Scale Computing

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The future of Hard Disk Drives

In 10 years solid state storage arrays will be the prodominent storage arrays purchased, but that does not mean hard disk drive storage arrays will go away.

Most companies will have a hybrid storage architecture where their existing hard disk drive storage array will coexist with a solid state storage array, but being religated to Tier 2 functions such as archiving or disk to disk backup space.

Virtual Computing Systems, Inc. can help determine what solution fits best for your organization. For a discussion on your specific needs, contact us at 815-634-3197 or email us at sales@virtcompsys.com

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